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Signs of a Herniated Disc After a Car Accident

Steven Matz
May 14, 2024 | Fractures, Sprains & Soft Tissue Injuries

Key Takeaways

  • Herniated disc injuries are a type of back injury that can lead to pain, suffering, and a decrease in quality of life.
  • Common symptoms of herniated discs may include pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness.
  • Pain associated with herniated discs can take weeks to months to heal.
  • Victims of herniated disc injuries often have high medical bills, and insurance companies often try to decrease the value of an accident claim or avoid paying at all.
  • Working with an experienced and knowledgeable Michigan personal injury attorney strengthens your ability to settle or litigate an accident claim associated with a herniated disc so injured parties can get the financial assistance they need.

Suffering from a herniated disc injury following a car accident is an agonizing ordeal. The pain, both physical and emotional, can be overwhelming. The uncertainty of the future, coupled with mounting medical bills and lost wages, adds to the distress. Worse still, navigating the legal complexities alone can feel like an insurmountable challenge.

How a Herniated Disc Injury Can Have Lasting Effects

Even with the recognition that legal assistance is necessary, the journey becomes infinitely more daunting when you choose the wrong representation. One Reddit user painfully discovered this mistake.

My girlfriend was in a car accident 4 years ago where she was deemed not at fault. The accident herniated a disc in her back […] She had two epidural shots, months of physical therapy, and still suffers with back pain and anxiety to this day.

A family member referred my girlfriend to a lawyer where she has been receiving less than adequate service. They have been awful at explain the overall process of the case and responding to our questions. Nonetheless, they are near the closing of the case and the insurance company of the other driver is offering 30k. After covering my girlfriend’s medical bills and after the lawyers cut, my girlfriend would be left with a [measly] 6k.

The consequences of inadequate legal support can exacerbate an already dire situation, leaving accident victims feeling exploited and abandoned amidst their suffering.

At Matz Injury Law, we recognize the critical role of having the right advocate during challenging times. Our devoted team pledges to accompany you every step of the way during your injury case, ensuring you obtain the justice and compensation you are entitled to.

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What Exactly Is A Herniated Disc?

Some doctors might refer to a herniated disc as a slipped or ruptured disc. According to the Cleveland Clinic, every year, up to two percent of people suffer from herniated discs.

A herniated disc injury occurs in the spine. Between the vertebrae (bones) in your back are discs, which are round, rubbery “cushions” that keep your bones from touching/rubbing together. If a disc leaks or tears, the disc becomes herniated.

Common Symptoms of a Herniated Disc After a Car Accident

Most people suffering from a herniated disc experience symptoms in the lower back when a rupture occurs, sometimes with severe pain. They may also feel symptoms in their neck. These symptoms include:

  • Inflammation
  • Arm, leg, buttocks, thigh, or calf pain (lower back disc)
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder and arm pain (neck disc)
  • Pain near or between shoulder blades (neck disc)
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Weakness in muscles
  • Other areas of pain or numbness

Bulging Disc vs. Herniated Disc: What’s The Difference?

While these two medical terms are often used interchangeably, there are some differences between these types of spinal disc injuries.

Bulging Disc

  • Might only affect part of the disc or multiple discs
  • Affects the outer layer of a disc’s tough cartilage
  • Symptoms set in gradually
  • Injury can lead to other disc-degeneration issues

Herniated Disc

  • Occurs when a crack in the tough cartilage allows soft inner cartilage to stick out
  • Affects a small area of the disc where the crack occurs
  • Likely to cause more pain than a bulging disc
  • Nerve roots may be irritated
  • Often caused by acute injury

How Do I Know My Herniated Disc is Healing?

nurse showing patent a model of a spin


It can be scary sustaining a herniated disc, and you might worry if your neck or lumbar disc injury is a permanent injury. By getting proper medical care and avoiding additional injury, you’ll likely see signs of healing.

Will a Herniated Disc From a Car Accident Heal On Its Own?

In most cases, pain from herniated discs will subside within two to 8 weeks. However, sometimes, your herniated disc might take up to six months to fully heal. Doctors usually recommend OTC pain relievers and limiting activities causing discomfort or pain.

If limiting yourself and taking pain relievers do not help, you may need to start physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, or steroid injections to treat your chronic pain. Surgery, such as a discectomy or spinal fusion surgery, is typically reserved for the most severe cases where other lesser-invasive medical treatments do not help.

Tips For a Quick Recovery

Recovering from disc herniation can be a difficult path. You can’t rush recovery, but what you can do is take good care of yourself, follow doctor’s orders, and try various approaches.

  • Practice good diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Maintain good posture
  • Engage in low-impact activities
  • Use heat and cold therapy
  • Follow physician suggestions for pain management

Being proactive with a herniated disc injury will help you potentially reduce pain and suffering as you heal and get on the road to recovery.

Average Compensation & Settlement For A Herniated Disc From a Car Accident

EMTs placing a car accident patient on a stretcher

Suffering a motor vehicle accident is frightening enough, especially when you do not know the extent of your spinal injuries or what your mounting medical expenses might fully cost.

How Much Compensation Can I Expect For My Herniated Disc Injury?

Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict how much compensation, or even an average settlement, you will get for a herniated disc injury. An insurance adjuster or jury verdict will take several factors into account before an injury settlement can be reached.

Factors That Influence a Herniated Disc Accident Settlement

The following factors typically influence settlements of herniated disc injury cases.

  • Duration and severity of your injuries
  • Number of discs injured
  • Whether you require surgery
  • Any major complications with the neck or lumbar spine
  • Insurance coverage of the at-fault motorist
  • Total amount of medical expenses
  • Total loss of income and future wages
  • How your injuries impact your ability to live life as you did pre-accident
  • Experience and reputation of your personal injury lawyer
  • Degree of negligence on the part of the at-fault driver

Essentially, your payout will depend upon your specific situation. Working with a skilled car accident attorney is essential. Your lawyer will gather evidence, analyze your medical records, ascertain the extent of your injuries, estimate future medical expenses, and determine the value of your accident injury case.

How Do Insurance Companies Calculate Herniated Disc Settlements?

It is vital to know upfront that insurance companies are not your friends; their primary interest is not in getting you the money to afford the help you need. Their goal is to pay as little as possible.

Factors the insurance adjuster will consider when examining your herniated disc case include:

  • Severity of injury
  • Available insurance coverage and policy limits
  • Medical care and related expenses
  • Missed work/lost income
  • Blaming pre-existing conditions as a way to avoid payouts

Michigan is a no-fault insurance state. This means you will go through your insurance first. You should speak with an experienced car accident attorney because they know how to negotiate with insurance companies and seek other ways to obtain compensation if insurance doesn’t meet your needs.

We’ll deal with the insurance companies for you. Start your case today.

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The Right Advocate Makes All the Difference

Herniated disc injuries can significantly disrupt your life, especially if the injury is not healing as it should or if you have other secondary injuries compounding your pain and suffering. Dealing with financial hardships along with pain can put stress on you and your loved ones. Having the right advocate can make all the difference in times of adversity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Disability is A Herniated Disc?

The VA’s standard gives a good general idea of how herniated disc disability is rated based on incapacitating episodes.

  • 10% disability: Occurring at least once a week but less than two weeks over one year
  • 20% disability: Occurring at least two weeks but less than four
  • 40% disability: Occurring for four weeks but less than six
  • 60% disability: Occurring for six weeks or more
Is A Herniated Disc Considered A Permanent Injury?

People can recover from herniated discs, but the disc will never return to its normal state once injured. The pain may subside, but since the disc is never perfectly healthy, herniated discs are a permanent type of injury.

Is A Herniated Disc A Serious Injury In A Car Accident?

Herniated discs can result in disability or chronic pain, especially if not properly treated by a medical professional. More serious symptoms can emerge if other spinal cord damage is present with the injured discs.

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