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Suffering a truck accident can be physically and emotionally draining. Unfortunately, big rig and other commercial vehicle accidents are common in the Rochester area of Michigan. I-75, which extends from the Michigan/Canadian border all the way to Florida, connects several major cities across the Midwest and East Coast.

As one of the busiest interstates in the U.S., I-75 is a popular trucking route. In 2021, 22 percent of truck accidents on I-75 in Michigan resulted in an injury. If you live in Rochester, Michigan, and take I-75 to work every day, semi-trucks may pose a risk to you on your commute.

The highly skilled truck accident attorneys at Matz Injury Law are here to help you if you have suffered a collision in a truck, auto, or motorcycle accident. Even minor injuries may entitle you to more compensation than you think. Give our compassionate law firm a call at 1-866-22Not33.

Rochester Truck Accident Statistics You Should Know

In Michigan, truck and bus accidents involving fatalities saw a 32% increase between 2020 to 2021. In Oakland County, the total number of crashes involving trucks and other large vehicles was 1,769. Tragically, three crashes resulted in fatalities and 384 people suffered injuries. Additionally, property damage crashes involving truck crashes totaled 1,478.

As more trucks and other vehicles return to the road, it is scary to think about how much worse it can get on the highways with such a stark year-over-year increase.

What Causes a Truck Accident Versus a Car Accident?

Car accidents can be catastrophic, but realistically, truck accidents typically cause the most serious injuries. Aside from the fact the massive size of a tractor-trailer or other type of truck can cause significant injury and damage since cars and motorcycles are so much smaller, there are some other differences too.

Truck accidents typically are caused by different sets of circumstances than car accidents. The latter is usually due to human error. It is not that truckers do not make driving errors or drive recklessly, but the most common risks are compounded because of the large size of trucks. Blind spots are bigger, it is more difficult to stop quickly, or make wide turns.

Equipment failure is also a common problem creating legal issues. Trucking companies and drivers are often under pressure to make deliveries and may skip maintenance and equipment examinations.

What Normally Causes a Truck Accident in Rochester, Michigan?

Many of the commercial truck accidents in Rochester, Michigan involve negligence, recklessness, or simple inattentiveness. Tragically, this means many of the injuries and deaths occurring each year on Oakland County highways are preventable. Common causes include:

Reckless Driving

Speeding, driving under the influence (DUI), and swerving in and out of traffic are just a handful of the most common reckless driving causes. Many traffic violations are also considered to be negligent behaviors on the road.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has become a public health issue. Between texting, dialing, and GPS navigating, it is common for drivers to take their eyes off the road. Other actions leading to drivers not paying attention include eating, drinking, smoking, or changing dials for climate control or radio.

Road Conditions

It is unfortunately common for some of Michigan’s roadways to have road hazards that can lead to truck and auto accidents. Unexpected issues such as improperly marked construction, unexpected lane diversions, potholes, confusing traffic signals, unanticipated detours, and other dangers can contribute to accidents occurring.


As you probably know, Michigan roads in the winter can be treacherous if not properly treated or when poor visibility occurs. On average, Rochester sees 33 inches of snow each year and 32 inches of rain, on average. Truck drivers who do not take precautions when driving in wintry or rainy weather increase the chances of a crash occurring.

Poor Cargo Loading

Most commercial trucks carry some type of cargo. If shipments are incorrectly loaded onto the vehicle, it creates a hazardous situation for motor vehicles driving on Rochester roadways. Cargo risks to consider include items spilling out and leaving dangerous road debris – or worse – flying debris that can land on another vehicle traveling the same highway; the sheer force of these items landing on a car can be devastating.

Unrealistic Time Constraints

Truck drivers are commonly put under high pressure by their bosses or their customers to ensure the fastest delivery. As a result, trucking companies often put unrealistic time constraints on drivers to do more in less time. This often leads to speeding or not taking breaks, which is against federal rules.

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What is the Maximum Amount of Time for a Personal Injury Claim to Be Filed in Rochester, Michigan?

The state of Michigan imposes a three-year statute of limitations on personal injury victims to file a claim. In the case of a truck accident, you must first file with your own insurance company within a year of the accident.

If you file an additional claim against a third party, you must do so before three years which begins on the date of the accident. In wrongful death cases, the time limit begins on the date the victim passed away.

Even if you think you may have missed the statute of limitations, you should still call the caring car accident lawyers at Matz Injury Law. Under Michigan law, there are some exceptions to the three-year rule. Our attorneys can evaluate the circumstances surrounding your accident and can determine if you are eligible to file beyond the statute of limitations.

What Damages May I Receiver After a Truck Accident in Rochester, Michigan?

In Michigan state law, there are two types of compensatory damages you are eligible to receive, depending upon the particular circumstances surrounding your case.

Economic Damages

Economic damages refer to the actual financial losses you suffered. These are losses you can prove with documentation, such as medical expenses, doctor visits, medications, hospitalizations, surgeries, and therapies. It also can include lost wages for missed time at work and loss of future wages if you cannot return to work in the same capacity as before.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are those losses that are not so easily calculable, such as pain and suffering. Michigan does not put a cap on pain and suffering for truck accident victims, but the victims need to prove what their suffering is worth. A good personal injury lawyer who is well-versed in Michigan personal injury law can help frame your case to get you the best possible compensation.

Can I Get Compensation for Truck Accident Through My Insurance?

Under Michigan auto law, motorists operate in a no-fault insurance environment. This means you must carry no-fault insurance. You can pursue compensation through your own insurance company but keep in mind insurance adjusters are not going to have your best interests at heart. Their job is to either get you to admit fault or accept a meager settlement, neither of which benefits you.

Why Do You Recommend Hiring Truck Accident Lawyer in Rochester, Michigan?

In any personal injury case, it is best to speak to a skilled and experienced accident attorney ASAP who can provide you with sound legal advice. An attorney can ascertain the facts of your case, gather evidence, advocate for you, serve as the go-between with insurance companies, and work hard to get you the compensation you deserve to cover any medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and other losses you have suffered.

Matz Injury Law: Helping Truck Accident Victims Right Here in Rochester

Accident victims are entitled to receive compensation. At Matz Injury Law, as your legal representation, we will fight for you or your loved one to receive the settlement or verdict you deserve for your suffering. Since 1977, Matz Injury Law has been advocating for Rochester personal injury victims. To date, our team has recovered more than $300 million in compensation for our clients.

If we don’t win your case, you don’t pay a fee. When our personal injury attorneys win accident cases, we do not collect the industry standard 33% fee, just 22%. If you’re ready to discuss your case, call our law office at 866-226-6833 or complete our online contact form to request a free consultation.

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The maximum contingency fee permitted by law is actually 331/3%. Michigan court rules require that the attorney fee be computed on the net sum recovered after deducting all disbursements properly chargeable to the enforcement of the claim.

What does 22not33 mean, exactly?

We can charge 22% while virtually all other injury attorneys charge 331/3% because we are very, very, good at obtaining results for our clients.

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All of our cases are handled on a contingency fee and all our cases are handled at 22%. Whether the case settles or goes through trial, the fee does not change. While our competitors make excuses as to why they charge so much, we are obtaining results for our clients at a lower fee.

At a typical television advertising law firm, your first call will be handled by a receptionist, who may refer you to an intake person, who will discuss your claim with an intake manager, who then discusses your claim with an associate, who may then report to a partner. You may never speak with the person whose name is at the top of the letterhead. At Matz Injury Law you will always speak with either Steven Matz or Jared Matz.