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Port Huron, Michigan, has two major highways through the area, I-96 and I-94. Of the two, I-94 had 2% of all accidents occurring in Michigan. While commercial trucks do not make up a large percentage of accidents on Michigan roads, highways, and interstates, when they do occur, the damage they cause is often quite catastrophic.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a truck accident in Port Huron, it is imperative to call a truck injury attorney as soon as possible so you can get the compensation you deserve. The compassionate personal injury lawyers at Matz Injury Law want to help you get your life back. Contact us today at 866-226-6833 for a free consultation.

What Are Some Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Port Huron, Michigan?

Unfortunately, most truck and auto accidents are caused by actions that were unnecessary. In many cases, personal injury victims from crashes would not have been hurt if individuals had acted responsibly. Some of the top common causes of truck accidents in Port Huron are as follows.

Reckless Driving

A semi-truck barreling down I-94 without regard for speed limits is likely to crash into another motor vehicle, usually one much smaller than themselves. Tired drivers may take drugs or other stimulants which could impair their driving. Others may have a drink with their meal and then commit DUI as they hop back on the road. All are negligent and irresponsible behaviors.

Distracted Driving

A growing problem in the U.S. with truckers and other motorists, distracted driving is another preventable cause of car crashes. Drivers texting, using GPS, eating, drinking, making calls, and doing endless other activities that take their eyes off the road count as distracted driving. When a driver is distracted, it can easily lead to tragic accidents causing catastrophic wounds, such as traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.

Road Conditions

Any roadway, if not properly maintained, can create hazards for drivers traveling on it. Potholes, unclear construction signage, missing traffic signs, confusing traffic signals, and unexpected detours are just a few ways poor road conditions can contribute to a truck or other vehicle accident occurring.


It is common for towns in St. Clair County to see treacherous weather conditions many months of the year. Roads left unplowed and untreated can lead to dangerous traveling conditions. Plus, foggy or wintry weather can negatively impact visibility. Truck drivers not taking precautions or forging ahead in inclement weather put themselves and other drivers at risk.

Poor Cargo Loading

Commercial trucks usually carry cargo from one destination to another. When cargo is not carefully and properly loaded onto the truck, it can come loose and fly off the vehicle, leaving debris on roadways or flying in the air and hitting other vehicles. Trucks traveling at high speed and losing their loads can be very dangerous for others using the same roads.

Unrealistic Time Constraints

Unfortunately, truckers are often put under high pressure. Those that work for companies may be overworked and sent on long road trips with fast turnarounds. Small business owners may put pressure on themselves to move quickly because time is money. Either way, drivers who disobey federal rules to meet these unrealistic time constraints put themselves at high risk of causing an accident.

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Is There a Statute of Limitations for Truck Accidents in Port Huron, Michigan?

The State of Michigan imposes a three-year statute of limitations from the date of the accident. However, state law requires you to first file a claim with your own insurance company within the year following the accident. You should contact an experienced attorney even if you think you missed the three-year deadline. There are exceptions where you may still be able to file a personal injury case. Your car accident lawyer can evaluate the situation and determine if you are still eligible to file.

Is Port Huron Subject to No-Fault Laws?

Michigan law requires drivers to purchase no-fault automobile insurance to legally drive. Motorists who choose to drive without insurance are committing a punishable crime that can cost offenders a fine, suspension of their license, along with being ordered to serve up to one year in jail. A basic insurance policy must contain these three components.

Personal Injury Protection

Personal injury protection, referred to as PIP, pays reasonable and necessary medical expenses resulting from a motor vehicle accident, along with wage loss for up to three years from the date of the accident.

Property Protection

Property protection in no-fault insurance pays up to $1 million in damage your car does to another person’s property, including buildings, fences, and properly parked vehicles. This coverage does not pay for other damage done to moving cars.

Residual Liability Insurance

Residual liability insurance under Michigan’s no-fault insurance protects policyholders from being sued as the result of an auto accident, but there are some exceptions. For instance, if the insured party does not have enough coverage to cover damages and injuries, it will pay up to the designated limit of the policy if the driver is found legally responsible for damages.

How much the policy pays is determined by the amount of insurance that is taken out. To know how much coverage you have, read your policy carefully. It is also a good idea to consult with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney who has experience with truck, car, and motorcycle accidents. Pain and suffering are not covered under standard auto insurance policies. This would involve pursuing a personal injury claim.

What Type of Damages Are Payable in Port Huron, Michigan Truck Accidents?

In the State of Michigan, accident victims are permitted to pursue two types of compensatory damages, depending on the specifics of their case: economic damages and non-economic damages.

Economic Damages

Economic damages refer to actual financial losses that can be calculated with specific dollar amounts. For instance, if your medical expenses go beyond what your PIP coverage allows, you can pursue a claim against the trucker, trucking company, or another third party who caused the accident. Other economic damages you can pursue beyond medical bills include lost wages and loss of future income potential. Your truck accident attorney can help you determine all of your losses.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are those that cannot be easily tallied up to a dollar amount. For instance, pain and suffering are one type of non-economic damage and can include physical pain, mental anguish, and other losses which do not have an exact dollar amount to show.

Skilled personal injury lawyers can ask for the amount they deem appropriate to compensate for any non-economic losses. Victims without a legal representative advocating for them often have difficulty since they will have to convince a jury what their losses are worth.

Will Talking to an Insurance Adjuster Impact My Claim?

While there is nothing that prevents you from speaking to an insurance company, our legal advice would be to remain very much on guard about what you say to them. It is imperative to remember they are not on your side after any car accident. An insurance adjuster’s primary job is to either get you to admit fault or to accept an insufficient settlement for your losses. Neither benefits you.  It is important to speak to an attorney for many reasons — it is for your own protection.

Will I Receive Higher Compensation with a Lawyer in Port Huron?

If you were too injured or in shock at the time of the accident to create evidence and take the information down about the crash, an attorney could step in to help with the injury claim process. They know exactly what to look for and what kind of evidence and documentation you will need to present to prove your claim.

It is in a victim’s best interests to connect with an experienced truck accident lawyer who can advocate for you and serve as the go-between with insurance companies, relieving you of that stress while protecting your interests.

Working with a professional accident lawyer typically results in higher compensation, even after attorney fees. The advantages of legal representation cannot be understated. According to Nolo, nine out of 10 of their readers who obtained legal representation received a settlement or award compared to about half of readers who decided to proceed on their own.

Personal injury attorneys also tend to aggressively fight for their clients and know what tactics defendants will use to diminish a victim’s injuries or undermine their suffering. The amount of settlement typically is tens of thousands of dollars — if not more — than those who represent themselves, per Nolo’s data. This is after attorney fees are paid. Matz Injury Law does not take the industry standard 33% of recovered monies as a fee; our fee is just 22%.

We Want to Help You Hold Truck Drivers Accountable

If you or a family member suffered injuries in a truck crash, Matz Injury Law is ready to assist you with your accident case. Whether you have accumulated a mass of medical bills or are struggling financially after the wrongful death of your loved one, we can help you get the compensation you need. Nothing can erase the pain you have endured, but taking away the financial burdens may provide some relief.

Our car accident attorneys have years of experience negotiating settlements and as trial attorneys in various personal injury practice areas. Serving Port Huron, Southfield, and beyond, our goal is to provide our clients with sound legal advice and help them receive the maximum compensation allowed under Michigan personal injury law. To obtain a free consultation, call our law firm today at 866-226-6833 or fill out our convenient online contact form.

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The maximum contingency fee permitted by law is actually 331/3%. Michigan court rules require that the attorney fee be computed on the net sum recovered after deducting all disbursements properly chargeable to the enforcement of the claim.

What does 22not33 mean, exactly?

We can charge 22% while virtually all other injury attorneys charge 331/3% because we are very, very, good at obtaining results for our clients.

We do not spend millions of dollars on television ads; instead, we offer a lower fee to all our clients. We do not have dozens of lower paid associates handling our work. All our clients are represented by Steven and Jared Matz. Steven Matz started the firm in 1977 and since then has dedicated his life to representing injury victims. Jared joined the firm in 2016 but grew up listening to stories, discussing theories, and generally learning at the dinner table about how to effectively and compassionately represent injury victims. Jared Matz was literally born to represent individuals involved in motor vehicle crashes.

All of our cases are handled on a contingency fee and all our cases are handled at 22%. Whether the case settles or goes through trial, the fee does not change. While our competitors make excuses as to why they charge so much, we are obtaining results for our clients at a lower fee.

At a typical television advertising law firm, your first call will be handled by a receptionist, who may refer you to an intake person, who will discuss your claim with an intake manager, who then discusses your claim with an associate, who may then report to a partner. You may never speak with the person whose name is at the top of the letterhead. At Matz Injury Law you will always speak with either Steven Matz or Jared Matz.