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Steve Matz and his team have been practicing law in Michigan for decades. They’ve logged hundreds of thousands of miles traveling to virtually every county in Michigan’s lower and upper peninsulas, meeting with clients, and doing the work necessary to earn significant settlements on their clients’ behalf.

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In 2021, St. Clair County recorded 19 fatalities from more than 3,500 car accidents reported. Anyone driving on I-94 and I-96 knows these are dangerous roads. These Michigan interstates are third among spots for accidents behind intercity roadways and streets and behind the M Route.

If you have suffered a serious injury in a car crash in Port Huron, the greater St. Clair County area, or across the great state of Michigan, you have rights, and you deserve to be compensated. The law firm of Matz Injury Law has extensive experience helping motor vehicle accident victims recover fair compensation from insurance companies, and we are ready to listen to you.

Established Car Accident Attorneys Serving Port Huron, Michigan

Steve and Jared Matz at the law firm of Matz Injury Law have many years of experience helping injury victims get the compensation they deserve. As an experienced attorney, Steve has been recognized in the Top 100 Trial Attorneys in the State of Michigan by Crain’s Detroit and honored as one of America’s Top 100 High Stakes Litigators. He has received the America’s Top 100 Attorney’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Matz Injury Law has an AVVO Clients choice rating of 10/10 and is consistently named among Super Lawyers.

You deserve fun and safety when you are spending time with family members across the Blue Water Bridge or visiting the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse. If a careless driver strikes you and causes life-altering injuries, a personal injury lawyer at Matz Injury Law offers personalized care and the legal knowledge to fight for the compensation you deserve.

We are not just a big, corporate law firm that will treat you like a number. Our legal team will spend all the time we need to handle your case personally. We work on a contingency fee, which means you will get a free consultation and will not pay a dime unless we win your case. Get in touch with us today at 1-866-22Not33 or use our online form for your free injury claim case review.

Dangerous Roads in Port Huron, Michigan

One of the most dangerous intersections in Port Huron is the intersection of M-25 at Krafft Road, commonly traveled by locals commuting to places like Lakeside Park. The intersection reports an average of 28 automobile accidents each year. I-94, I-96, and the M-Route also regularly rank as hazardous stretches of roadway.

Which Age Group in Michigan Is Most Prone to Car Accidents?

According to Statewide Traffic Data, the age group that tends to have the most car accident fatalities in Michigan is between 25 and 34, with 224 deaths in 2021. They  are followed by those aged 35-44 (183 deaths) and those aged 45-54 (159 deaths).

Do I Really Need Port Huron Car Accident Lawyers?

Having a lawyer in your corner offers the best possible opportunity to secure maximum compensation for the injuries you have suffered. Studies have shown that those who use the services of a personal injury law firm with practice areas in auto accident cases may receive up to three times the compensation that those without an attorney can receive.

The insurance companies on the other side have legal professionals on their team who know how to use the law against you. Having a law office in your corner to provide legal advice, build a strong case, and fight for your rights evens the field and gives you a chance to fight back. Whether your case involves auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, or any other sort of vehicle accident, Matz Injury can help you secure fair compensation for your injuries otherwise denied by insurance. 

What Are My Rights in a Port Huron Auto Accident?

The State of Michigan is a no-fault state when it comes to car insurance. The idea behind a no-fault state is not that no one is accountable for an accident. It is supposed to mean that getting compensation is easier, regardless of who is at fault.

It means that you have to carry special no-fault (sometimes called personal injury protection or PIP) coverage, which will protect you when you are in a car accident. After a crash, you file a claim with your insurance company to get coverage for your medical care, lost wages, and other damages.

It is important to note that no-fault laws apply only to car accident cases, not to other personal injury cases like dog bites, medical malpractice, or the like.

The problem is that this system is flawed, and many injured people see their claims denied and have to file lawsuits to get the compensation they deserve. That is where an auto injury law office like Matz Injury Law comes into the picture.

If I Am Involved in a Car Accident in Port Huron, Michigan, Can I Sue?

Yes, you can absolutely sue for damages after you are in a car accident. To get the compensation you deserve, we will have to prove negligence on the part of the other driver. Negligence is a legal term that requires several things. First, we must demonstrate that the other driver violated their duty of care to operate their vehicle safely and responsibly, and not put others into unreasonable danger. Second, we must show that this violation of that duty of care led directly or proximately to the accident. Finally, we must be able to prove that you were injured in the accident.

Michigan law uses “modified comparative negligence” in determining compensation. This means your award will be reduced by the amount of fault you share in the accident, and if you are 51% or greater at fault, you can not get compensated at all.

What Damages Can I Recover in a Port Huron, Michigan, Car Accident?

The types of damages you can recover in a car accident are divided into economic damages, sometimes called special damages, and non-economic damages, sometimes called general damages. Economic damages cover everything from your lost wages, including future potential earned wages, to all your medical bills, which encompass doctor’s visits, medication, procedures, and even transportation to and from your medical appointments.

If your accident involves the loss of a loved one in a wrongful death case, you may also be able to collect funeral and burial costs as well as other injury-related damages. Your Port Huron accident attorney can help you determine the actual damages for which you may be able to sue.

Can I Sue for Pain and Suffering in Port Huron?

Pain and suffering is a colloquial term for non-economic damages in a car accident case. These damages are more difficult to value as they tend to be subjective. For example, people who suffer traumatic brain injury often have many invisible injuries like depression, mood swings, mental health issues, PTSD, and other issues. Pain and suffering cover these as well as a general loss of ability to enjoy life, physical pain, loss of consortium, loss of comfort, and other debilitating conditions.

Valuing these things can be handled differently by each injury lawyer and the insurance company. They are often the biggest part of negotiating a claim and the part that can take the most time. Still, with a good injury lawyer in your corner, you have a chance to fight for significant compensation for the harm you have suffered.

How Much Does a Port Huron Car Accident Lawyer Cost?

The good thing about working with Matz Injury Law is that your initial consultation is completely free, with no obligation and no disclaimer. If you decide to work for us, you only pay if we win your case. Where other attorneys charge 33% of your winnings, our contingency fee is only 22%. That is why our slogan is 22, Not 33.

When Should I Hire Port Huron Personal Injury Attorneys?

If you are in Port Huron, MI 48060, or anywhere in the state, calling a personal injury attorney after a car crash is among the most important calls you can make.

At the scene of the accident, it is essential first to ensure everyone, including you, gets medical attention. Even if you do not feel injured, call 911 and get first responders on the scene. Getting medical attention right away can help to treat injuries you do not know you have. Some injuries can take a long time to present symptoms. Medical attention at the scene demonstrates that you are taking the accident seriously.

In addition, file a police report. While it cannot be used as evidence, it can be used as a touchstone or benchmark to revisit your story so you can remember the details. It is a valuable tool as your attorney builds your case.

Next, get as much evidence as you can. Take all the photos you can at the accident scene from as many angles as possible. Exchange information with the other driver and get contact info from any witnesses. Never, ever apologize for anything at the scene of the accident. Insurance companies will look for reasons to deny your claim and an apology is something they will use against you.

As soon as you get home, contact an attorney for a case consultation. You will need to report the accident to your insurance company, but when you do, stick to the facts of what happened, then let your attorney handle the communications from that point on. It is vital to have a lawyer representing your interests. Your attorney can help you avoid critical mistakes like signing an insurance company document that denies you your right to compensation.

Pain from a Car Accident Might Not Disappear, but Compensation Will Help

At Matz Injury Law, we have represented clients from all over Michigan, from Southfield to Pine Grove, Lapeer to Grand Rapids, and at home in Port Huron, 48060. We have obtained millions of dollars for our clients over the years, including a $3 million claim in 2009 for a motor vehicle accident, at that time the largest reported vehicular accident settlement recorded. Our recent settlements include a $3,450,000 settlement in a commercial vehicle accident case, $1 million for a rear-end accident, and $750,000 for a wrongful death claim on an icy road.

Do not try to go it alone, and do not go with some big corporate law firm. Choose Matz Injury Law, where we put our attorney-client relationship first and where we will fight for you every step of the way. Contact us at 1-888-22Not33 or fill out our contact form for your case review at no cost today.

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Recent Settlements

  • Shoulder Separation In Wexford Results In $360,000 Settlement
    Fractures, sprains & soft tissue injuries, Verdicts & Settlements

    $360,000 settlement on behalf of a 28 year-old dairy worker who suffered a separated shoulder.

  • Vacationing Motorist Receives $400,000 Settlement In Roscommon
    Car Accidents, Verdicts & Settlements

    $400,000 for a vacationing motorist whose SUV was struck by a pickup truck that crossed the center line on an icy northern Michigan road.

  • $600,000 Settlement In Kent
    Head and brain injuries, Verdicts & Settlements

    $600,000 settlement for a mild closed head injury victim.

  • $170,000 For Injured Construction Worker
    Pedestrian and bicycle accidents, Verdicts & Settlements

    $170,000 settlement for a construction worker who suffered a shoulder injury when struck by a driver on an icy road in Clare County.

  • Automobile/Pedestrian Accident Yields $200,000 In Isabella
    Pedestrian and bicycle accidents, Verdicts & Settlements

    $200,000 settlement on behalf of a young woman who suffered leg and foot fractures after an automobile/pedestrian collision.

  • $200,000 Settlement In St. Clare County Collision
    Pedestrian and bicycle accidents, Truck Accidents, Verdicts & Settlements

    $200,000 settlement in a rural county for a 4 year-old who died as a result of a truck/pedestrian collision.

  • $350,000 Settlement In Branch
    Fractures, sprains & soft tissue injuries, Truck Accidents, Verdicts & Settlements

    $350,000 to a woman who suffered a broken arm when her vehicle was struck by a semi.

  • $825,000 Settlement For Nerve Injury Victim In Jackson County
    Car Accidents, Fractures, sprains & soft tissue injuries, Truck Accidents, Verdicts & Settlements

    $825,000 settlement on behalf of a 25 year-old man in a rural county with a peroneal nerve injury as a consequence of an automobile/truck collision.

  • $290,000 For 70 Year-Old Accident Victim
    Car Accidents, Rear-end, head-on and side collisions, Verdicts & Settlements

    $290,000 for a 70 year-old woman whose car was broadsided by a driver who claimed he had the green light at an intersection.

  • $200,000 Settlement In Wayne County
    Fatal car accidents, Verdicts & Settlements

    $200,000 (policy limit) settlement for the wrongful death of a recent immigrant.

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The maximum contingency fee permitted by law is actually 33 1/3%. Michigan court rules require that the attorney fee be computed on the net sum recovered after deducting all disbursements properly chargeable to the enforcement of the claim.

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We can charge 22% while virtually all other injury attorneys charge 33 1/3% because we are very, very, good at obtaining results for our clients. 

We do not spend millions of dollars on television ads; instead, we offer a lower fee to all our clients.  We do not have dozens of lower paid associates handling our work. All our clients are represented by Steven and Jared Matz. Steven Matz started the firm in 1977 and since then has dedicated his life to representing injury victims.  Jared joined the firm in 2016 but grew up listening to stories, discussing theories, and generally learning at the dinner table about how to effectively and compassionately represent injury victims. Jared Matz was literally born to represent individuals involved in motor vehicle crashes.

All of our cases are handled on a contingency fee and all our cases are handled at 22%. Whether the case settles or goes through trial, the fee does not change. While our competitors make excuses as to why they charge so much, we are obtaining results for our clients at a lower fee.

At a typical television advertising law firm, your first call will be handled by a receptionist, who may refer you to an intake person, who will discuss your claim with an intake manager, who then discusses your claim with an associate, who may then report to a partner. You may never speak with the person whose name is at the top of the letterhead. At Matz Injury Law you will always speak with either Steven Matz or Jared Matz.

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