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News & Case Results

Location: Southwest Michigan

  • $1.74 Million Settlement Awarded In Calhoun County Collision

    $1.74 million settlement against a 19 year-old driver and the fraternity where he was drinking immediately prior to a head on collision that killed a 52 year-old husband and father of 3 children.

  • $475,000 Settlement In Contested Liability Accident

    $475,000 settlement for a truck driver in a contested liability accident in Calhoun County, with an aggravation of an underlying knee condition.

  • $500,000 Settlement In Kalamazoo County Liability Accident

    $500,000 settlement for a 65 year-old woman suffering paraplegia in a contested liability accident.

  • Wrongful Death Settlement In Eaton County

    $100,000 (policy limit) wrongful death settlement in a contested liability case.

  • School Bus Collision In Eaton County

    $118,000 verdict in a rural county on behalf of a 55 year-old woman who suffered a facial tic and new cartilage damage after an intersection collision with a school bus. The verdict was $98,000 larger than the mediation award.

  • $480,000 Settlement In Eaton County Brain Injury Case

    $480,000 settlement on behalf of a 52 year-old man who suffered a mild traumatic brain injury.

  • $750,000 Settlement In Eaton County

    $750,000 settlement to a family whose SUV was struck by a commercial vehicle.