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Truck Accidents
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multiple vehicle accident in roadway

Truck Accident Lawyer Serving Jackson

Sadly, devastating truck accidents occur more often than we would like to believe. Michigan reported close to 15,000 truck accidents across the state last year. Jackson, Michigan is no stranger to accidents as M-106, a major truckline, shoots right through the area.

Semi-truck accidents, while less common than car accidents, tend to be far more severe. Crashes involving tractor-trailers, buses, or other commercial vehicles usually involve higher fatalities and more serious injuries. If you or a loved one were hurt in a truck accident, it is imperative to call a Jackson truck accident attorney as soon as possible so you can get the compensation you deserve.

The caring and compassionate personal injury lawyers at Matz Injury Law want to help you. Call us today for a free consultation about your truck accident case at 866-226-6833.

Are There Benefits to Hiring a Truck Accident Attorney in Jackson?

Ideally, accident victims should gather evidence in the aftermath of any type of motor vehicle accident. However, sometimes people are too injured in the crash to create evidence and get information. An attorney can help you with this process and much more. To make life easier, our attorneys will:

  • Review your auto insurance policy and notify them about the collision.
  • Identify potential at-fault parties in the crash, including drivers, trucking companies, maintenance/mechanics, manufacturers, cargo loading companies, and any other potential at-fault third party.
  • Gather evidence, such as truck drivers’ cellphone records, company documents, and any video surveillance of the crash.
  • Interview witnesses and document the details.
  • Collect medical records, pay stubs, and other documentation outlining your total losses.
  • Serve as the go-between between you and the insurance companies.

Most insurance companies initially offer a minicule amount of compensation which often does not help victims pay the cost of their medical bills or cover their lost wages. As a victim, you have suffered enough and should not have to endure financial hardship on top of your injuries.

What Are Some Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Jackson, Michigan?

Sadly, many serious truck accidents are completely avoidable. Common causes of truck accidents in Jackson are often attributed to the following.

Reckless Driving

Had the driver exercised due care and obeyed traffic laws, they could have easily avoided causing a truck accident. DUI, speeding, unlawful lane changes, and swerving in and out of traffic are just a few ways drivers navigate their trucks recklessly.

Distracted Driving

Unfortunately, distracted driving is a nationwide problem, claiming more than 3,100 lives in 2020. Michigan is not immune to this driver problem. Truckers coming through the Jackson area contributed to the 16,543 distracted driver incidents that occurred in Michigan during 2021; 59 of which were fatal. Behaviors include texting, dialing, and GPS navigation, which take the driver’s eyes off the road. Truckers not following Michigan’s cellphone laws are negligent and unlawful.

Road Conditions

Road hazards commonly cause truck accidents, especially when drivers encounter unexpected issues. These include improperly marked construction, potholes, confusing traffic signals, unexpected lane diversions, and unanticipated detours.


Winters in Michigan often create treacherous road conditions when surfaces are not properly treated. Foggy or blizzard conditions lead to poor visibility. Drivers not using good judgment or taking precautions while driving on roads may potentially be held liable for contributing to hazardous situations.

Poor Cargo Loading

Commercial trucks typically haul cargo of some sort. When shipments are not correctly stacked on or in the truck, this creates huge hazards for other motorists on Jackson roadways. If cargo exits the truck unexpectedly, especially if the truck is traveling at or above speed limits, other drivers can become seriously injured. Either scenario can result in a costly accident and cause injury.

Unrealistic Time Constraints

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration by federal law limits the number of hours truckers can drive for safety reasons, but companies still demand products at certain times, creating unrealistic time constraints for drivers and breaking federal rules. This type of pressure can cause truckers to drive fatigued or recklessly.

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What Types of Injuries Are Common During Truck Accidents in Jackson, Michigan?

Victims of truck accidents in Jackson often suffer serious injuries or wrongful deaths after experiencing a large vehicle collision. Due to the sheer size of most commercial vehicles, substantial damage to a car or motorcycle and its occupants occurs. Common injuries people suffer after being hit by a truck include:

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

TBIs are serious injuries because, regardless of the severity (which can be either mild, moderate, or severe), the brain is never the same. TBI victims often suffer physical, emotional, or behavioral changes, and symptoms may not begin to emerge until days, weeks, or even months after the accident. For children, the full impact may not be realized for years.

Broken Bones and Fractures

Truck wreck victims commonly suffer broken bones or fractures in various parts of the body, including hands, feet, ribs, arms, and legs.

Neck and Spine Injuries

Injuries to the neck or spinal cord are serious and can affect a victim’s ability to walk or perform other bodily functions due to partial or full paralysis.

Wrongful Death

Tragically, victims traveling on roadways and hit by a big rig or other large vehicles risk suffering a fatality, especially since high speed and vehicle weight cause massive damage to other vehicles on the road.

What Type of Damages Are Payable in Jackson, Michigan Truck Accidents?

Michigan permits motor vehicle accident victims to pursue two types of damages when they seek compensation for their losses. If you or a loved one suffered an accident on one of Jackson’s roadways, you have the following options.

Economic Damages

These are losses you can easily document. Medical expenses, such as doctor bills, surgery, therapy, medication, and other trauma being treated are economic damages. Other types of economic damages include lost wages, loss of future wages, and anything else you can document with a dollar amount.

Non-Economic Damages

Not all losses due to truck crashes can be easily assigned a monetary value. Pain and suffering is the primary form of non-economic damage victims can seek, including physical pain and mental suffering. Michigan does not place a cap on a victim’s pain and suffering. An experienced personal injury attorney can build a case, choose a sum, and then convince a jury why non-economic losses are worth this amount of compensation.

What is the Best Solution for Dealing With Insurance Companies?

As a truck accident victim, you have every right to speak to an insurance adjuster and deal with them directly, but the result is usually not going to end in your favor. Insurance companies are not your friends, nor will they advocate to ensure you get what you need.

An insurance adjuster’s job is to either shift the blame off their clients (if representing another party involved with the accident) or minimize the amount of payout they need to make for injury claims. On the other hand, a car accident lawyer is someone who is firmly planted in your court and will fight for your needs.

Were You or a Loved One Affected by a Truck Accident and Need Help?

The truck accident lawyers at Matz Injury Law pride ourselves on providing our clients with sound legal advice. As a client-first law firm, we are committed to the attorney-client relationship. Our top-rated Jackson truck accident lawyers promise to work hard on your behalf. Our attorneys will take our extensive experience and fight hard while advocating for you.

If you or a loved one suffered an auto accident in Jackson, you do not have to fight the insurance companies by yourself. We will help you. You do not have to pay us unless you win a settlement, and the fee is not the industry standard 33%, only 22% — you keep the rest. To obtain a free case evaluation, contact Matz Injury Law today at 866-226-6833 or fill out our convenient online contact form.

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