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Does Personal Injury Protection Cover Physical Therapy?

Experiencing a car accident can be terrifying, and it can also damage your physical health. Car accidents occur every day in Michigan, and the injuries that result from them can leave you with lasting consequences that plague your daily life. Knowing if your insurance can cover beneficial physical therapy to help alleviate your pain and get you back to your normal life is important.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are always looking for excuses to deny you your benefits. Working with the knowledgeable car accident attorneys from Matz Injury Law can help increase your chances of receiving the compensation you deserve. If you suspect you are entitled to more medical benefits than your insurance is willing to pay for, call our office at 866-226-6833.

Does Personal Injury Protection Cover Physical Therapy?

What Are Common Injuries from Car Accidents?

When involved in a car accident, you can suffer a wide range of injuries, from minor all the way up to a serious injury that is catastrophic. Some of the more common car accident injuries sustained in an auto accident that will most likely need therapy include the following:

Traumatic Brain Injury

The risk of a traumatic brain injury in a car crash is high. This type of injury involves a sudden traumatic event or damage to the brain due to a blow or jolt directly to the head. These injuries can range from a concussion to brain damage. Various levels of rehabilitation therapy are available and can be an essential part of the recovery of car accident victims.

Neck and Spine Injury

Trauma during an accident can lead to various neck and spine injuries, including whiplash, back pain, pinched nerves, herniated disks, nerve pain, and severe disability, including paralysis. Whiplash is common and occurs when the neck forcibly jerks forward and backward quickly upon impact. Spine injuries can result in nerve damage that requires intense therapy.

Broken Bones

The human body has over 200 bones, and all of these become at risk for injury in a car crash. The most common breaks happen in the hands, arms, ribs, hips, and legs. The types of therapy needed for broken bones will vary, depending on the location within the body.

Is Physical Therapy Covered by PIP?

After a major auto accident, you may be wondering whether or not physical therapy is covered by personal injury protection (PIP). The answer is yes; physical therapy is covered by PIP, although the amount you can receive will likely vary due to your policy and the cap you have selected.

All medical bills, not just those from a physical therapist, will be paid from this cap amount, which may not be enough to cover all expenses. Also, it will not include compensation for any pain and suffering experienced as a result of the accident and resulting injuries.

Are Chiropractic Services Covered by PIP?

Michigan’s no-fault law now extends to chiropractic services after car accidents. Yet, not all care services by a chiropractor may be included, so you will need to pay close attention to what is allowable.

What About Massage Therapy?

Under the new laws in Michigan, massage therapy falls under personal injury protection, but it must be considered reasonably necessary. Insurance companies will look at the injury and need proof that there was a true need for this type of therapy with each compensation claim.

What Types of Physical Therapy Are Common After Michigan Car Accidents?

Physical therapy following a car accident can assist in the overall healing process and help prevent ongoing effects, such as migraines and even chronic pain. Beneficial physical therapy treatments common after Michigan car accidents include the following:


Orthopedic physical therapy focuses on retraining the musculoskeletal parts of the body most impacted by the force of an accident. These include your bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and soft tissues.


Chiropractic care involves joint manipulation to reduce pain and regain mobility. It also includes certain modalities, which are procedures that will help ease the adjustment of joints. Examples of such modalities include heat, transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation, ultrasound, and spinal traction. Pinched nerves, back injuries, and more can benefit from this therapy.


Massages may become part of your treatment plan and are beneficial in loosening up muscles to help with adjustments or manipulation. If the auto accident caused soft tissue damage, massage can work out the knots and alleviate discomfort.


Occupational therapy helps patients regain normal functions and to become as active as possible in their daily lives. The goal is to increase independence following injuries in a car accident and may include learning new coping strategies, using adaptive techniques and equipment, or implementing ergonomic recommendations.

Why Should You Consider PT After a Car Accident?

To help you recover from a car accident, you should consider the role physical therapy (PT) can play and how you can benefit. Physical therapy can help speed up the required recovery time. You can also recover more efficiently and limit any long-term damage or limitations. An example of this is regaining mobility and your range of motion. PT also limits the potential for experiencing secondary injuries and may help you avoid surgery.

The therapy can improve your mental health as well, helping you find ways to cope with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and more. A motor vehicle accident can cause mental suffering, and physically working to move forward with your life can influence your mood and help you stay on track for recovery.

Do You Need an Attorney to Receive Physical Therapy After an Accident?

If you have no-fault insurance in Michigan, it might not be necessary to have an attorney to receive physical therapy benefits. However, without one, you will be responsible for attempting to negotiate with the insurance company and adjuster who do not want to pay you more than they have to under the circumstances. This resistance means they will be questioning everything you undergo and attempting to find ways to deny you benefits.

Therefore, it is in your best interests to hire an attorney. The car accident attorneys at Matz Injury Law can help negotiate with insurance adjusters and, if necessary, litigate your case in court if it needs to go that far.

Are Car Accident Injuries Limiting Your Daily Life?

Physical injuries sustained during a car accident can interfere with both your personal and work life. Physical therapy is often a bridge to help you get back to your life quicker and safer.

If car accident injuries are limiting your daily life, it is time to reach out to a Michigan personal injury lawyer with Matz Injury Law. We meet with clients across the state of Michigan and have already earned over $300 million dollars for personal injury clients. Call our law office today at 866-226-6833 or submit the online contact form found on our website to schedule a free consultation.