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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Car Accidents?

Some homeowners policies will provide limited coverage for damage to property (not the people themselves) in your vehicle. If items damaged in a collision, your laptop or baby car seat, for example, are not covered by your car insurance (the policy will tell you what is covered and what is not), a careful reading of your homeowners policy may reveal that the homeowners coverage offers some help (deductible may apply).

You May Be Entitled To No-Fault Benefits

Please remember that as long as you have “PL/PD” coverage on your auto, truck, or motorcycle, you are entitled to a variety of benefits under the Michigan No-Fault Law, depending upon your injuries, and who was at fault, in an accident involving another motor vehicle.  But you can’t use homeowners insurance as a substitute for mandatory no-fault coverage on your vehicle.

Now, the situation may be different if you are injured by certain kinds of vehicles, like ORVs or motorboats. In those cases, the owner of the boat or ORV may have a “rider” (extra coverage on their policy) to cover accidents that involve injuries caused by the ORV, jet ski, snowmobile, dirt bike, dune buggy, motorboat or other motorized device that is not allowed to be driven on public roads. The owner of property where such accidents happen may also have coverage.  If you or a family member is injured in an accident involving a motorized device that is not “street legal,” you may be entitled to benefits from homeowners insurance, so this is a situation you should have analyzed by attorneys who handle injury cases involving ORVs, jet skis, motorboats, snowmobiles, or dirt bikes. Most car accident lawyers can do this kind of review very efficiently.

You should also know that if you are hit BY a car or truck while you are on an off-road device, there may be significant no-fault damages that are available to you even if you have no insurance on the off-road device you are riding, and even if you don’t own and automobile yourself.  You should expect that any attorney whom you would want to hire to handle your injury case would first offer to discuss your rights with you over the phone, without charge for talking to you.


There are many excellent automobile injury law firms in Michigan. Matz Injury Law is one of them. You can call us at 1-866-22Not33 or email us through our contact page to go over any of the information in this article, or to ask any questions you may have about your rights following a car or other vehicle accident. There is no charge to talk to us.  Like most firms, we guarantee that if you hire us, we won’t charge you a fee if we don’t get money for you. But what sets us apart, in our opinion, is that if we DO get money for you, we don’t charge the full 33 1/3% that many firms ask for, but only 22% of your net recovery.  That can be a savings to you of many thousands of dollars, and it would be a privilege to talk to you more about how our decades of experience and success across the state might benefit you.