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News & Case Results

Category: Back and spinal cord injuries

  • Minor Impact Collision Injury Results In $680,000 Settlement

    $680,000 arbitration award in Wayne County against a local transportation authority for a minor impact collision resulting in a cervical disc injury.

  • $680,000 Arbitration Award In Wayne County

    $680,000 arbitration award for a 42 year-old with back injuries requiring fusion.

  • Monroe County Motor Vehicle Collision Leads To $136,000 Verdict

    $136,000 verdict in a rural county on behalf of a 40 year-old woman who suffered a back injury in a contested liability motor vehicle collision. The verdict tripled the mediation award.

  • $500,000 Settlement In Kalamazoo County Liability Accident

    $500,000 settlement for a 65 year-old woman suffering paraplegia in a contested liability accident.

  • Huron County Crash Results In $220,000 Settlement

    $220,000 settlement on behalf of a 56 year-old man who suffered a neck injury as a result of a motor vehicle crash.