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PIP for motorcylist

“If I am riding my motorcycle, and am hit by a car, which insurance company pays my no-fault benefits?”

A motorcycle is not considered a “motor vehicle” under the common definitions in the No-Fault Act. If it were, the motorcyclist would be required to carry no-fault insurance, including coverage for unlimited medical benefits. Here is the schedule that lists the order of priority for payment of no-fault benefits (wage loss, medical benefits, etc.) for motorcyclists who are involved in collisions with cars and trucks (“motor vehicles”):

  1. The insurance company for the person who owns or registers the motor vehicle;
  2. The insurance company for the person who was driving the motor vehicle during the accident;
  3. The insurance company for any car or truck owned by the motorcycle operator;
  4. The insurance company for any car or truck owned by the person who also owned or registered the motorcycle; and
  5. Assigned Claims.

This is clearly a departure from the usual rules of no-fault coverage, which state that each person in an accident applies to his or her own no-fault coverage first, even if they aren’t in their own car when an accident happens. In cases where motorcyclists are in collisions with cars and trucks, it is the insurance for the car or truck that will provide no-fault coverage to the motorcyclist. It does not matter which driver was at fault.

Please keep in mind that there has to be evidence that a motor vehicle was involved in the collision for these rules to apply. Because a motorcycle is not a “motor vehicle” for no-fault purposes, there will not be any PIP (no-fault) coverage for either driver if two motorcycles collide, or for either person if a motorcyclist runs over, for example, a bicyclist or pedestrian (no “motor vehicle” involved).

Remember to keep your motorcycle endorsements, including no-helmet privileges, up to date, and carry the required insurance for medical coverage and liability so that you will be in compliance with the special group of laws that apply to motorcyclists in Michigan.

Source: MCL 500.3114(5)