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PIP benefits for injury during vehicle unloading?

“If I get hurt while I am loading or unloading my vehicle, can I get PIP benefits?”

Yes, if you are injured by making contact with equipment permanently mounted to the vehicle, or if you are lifting objects into or from the vehicle when you get hurt. Keep in mind that injuries that occur while you are in the course of your employment will be covered by your workers compensation insurance, if you are employed by a company that has that sort of insurance.

You should be aware that the courts are very strict about applying these tests. If, for example, you are walking around to the back of your truck and you trip over a temporary trailer hitch wiring harness, the courts will probably say that you don’t qualify for no-fault medical coverage, because the harness wasn’t permanently mounted to the truck. Or say that you had taken some boxes out of your back seat, and you slip on an icy spot on your porch and twist your ankle. Again, the courts will probably rule that you weren’t injured due to the unloading process, but because you slipped and fell.

If you are unsure whether your “loading and unloading” injury claims might qualify for no-fault coverage, you should check with an attorney who is very familiar with Michigan no-fault laws.

Source: MCL 500.3106(1)(b); 347 NW2d 478