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“When we started down the long road of personal injury following a traumatic event in which my husband was pinned between two vehicles, we had no idea what we needed to do. Steve Matz and the office staff stood by our side through the almost 2 year battle of surgeries and recoveries suffered from the accident. Tragically, my husband was killed as a result of a second motor vehicle accident. I remember calling Steve to tell him and having him come to the house just days after. The compassion he has given to my children and myself has been above and beyond. Not many lawyers care enough about you to attend the visitation, listen to your tearful moments even late in the evening, guide you along the hardest and darkest path you have ever experienced, and continue to engage in you and your children’s lives as a support after all is done. The amount of time the office has spent making calls, filing forms, being the middle man and filtering through the multi-level legal and justice system – has allowed me to focus on my children, continue to work and allowed us to start putting our lives back together. Our family is eternally grateful for the professionalism, compassion, guidance and continued support from Steve and the staff of Matz & Pietsch.”
T.M., Barry County, MI

“I come from a family of lawyers and Steve Matz was recommended to me by family members. He is a very skillful and talented attorney, and a true professional. He kept me apprised of every step along the path of my case, taking it to a very successful resolution. His reduced fee saved me considerable money, and I’m deeply grateful for his kindness and consideration throughout the entire process. You never want to need an attorney, but if I ever needed one again, I wouldn’t hesitate to call on Steve.”
F.V., West Bloomfield, MI

“My wife and I were seriously hurt in a car collision and didn’t know exactly what our rights were. We received a brochure, I spoke with attorney Sam Pietsch on the telephone, and he came to visit me. I felt very comfortable with Mr. Pietsch right away and have always appreciated how reliable he has been in staying in touch with us, answering our questions, and being interested in trying to help us. My wife and I are delighted to recommend Sam Pietsch.”
R.H. and R.O., Holt, MI

“We want to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for all of your work over the past year and a half. You have a gift not only for what you do, but how you do it. Your personal investment in our case meant so very much to us. We hope you like this gift. It just portrays the “Super Steve” we got to know. Thanks again.” –$800,000 settlement
M.P. and J.P., Holland, MI

“I did not know any lawyers until my daughter and I were involved in a serious truck collision. I called the office and Steve Matz came to my house to meet with me and discuss our claims. Mr. Matz quickly filed a Federal District Court lawsuit on our behalf and the trucking company that was responsible for our injuries put up a significant fight. Although it took three years, Mr. Matz was able to obtain a judgment on our behalf of $1.6 million. I will be forever grateful to Steve Matz for securing my future and my daughter’s future.”
L.B. and S.B., Monroe, MI

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What does 22not33 mean, exactly?

Bigger law firms usually charge 33% of a net settlement amount. Our contingent fee is only 22%. (Remember, you are responsible to reimburse case costs spent by any attorney.) For example: A lawyer wins a $100,000 “net settlement” (deduction of costs spent by your attorney to prepare your case, taken “off the top” of your settlement total before the fee is calculated). If the attorney is charging a 33% fee, you would get about $67,000. If you were charged just 22% — which is our fee — you would receive about $78,000.