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News & Case Results

Location: Eastern Michigan

  • $1 Million Settlement In Gravel Truck Accident

    $1 million settlement for a 52 year-old woman in a rural county who broke both ankles and suffered a retrobulbar hemorrhage of her right eye after being struck by a gravel truck.

  • $750,000 Settlement For Lapeer County Family

    $750,000 settlement to the family of a young driver whose car was struck from behind by a semi.

  • Collision Results In Ankle Injury, $100,000 Settlement

    $100,000 settlement (policy limit) on behalf of a 56 year-old woman in Tuscola County with an ankle fracture as a result of a motor vehicle collision.

  • $600,000 Settlement In Tuscola County Rollover Accident

    $600,000 settlement in a rural county for a young man who injured his right arm in a one vehicle rollover accident. The settlement exhausted all available insurance coverage.

  • Huron County Crash Results In $220,000 Settlement

    $220,000 settlement on behalf of a 56 year-old man who suffered a neck injury as a result of a motor vehicle crash.