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If you want to know more, just call. Steve and Sam are standing by. 1-844-TWENTY-TWO.

How can we charge just 22%?
In our 36 years of practice we have been enormously successful, earning our clients in excess of $300 million. We do not need to charge the maximum permitted by law (33%) in order to be profitable.

Could I really talk to Steve Matz or Sam Pietsch the first time I call?
Absolutely. With other firms, you may never meet the lawyer whose name is on the door or whose face is on the billboards or in the TV spots. When you hire Steve Matz or Sam Pietsch, you will work with Steve or Sam from beginning to end. You’ll have our cell numbers, and we’ll be ready to talk to you whenever you need our help.

Are you good at what you do?
We have over three decades worth of success in communities throughout Michigan.

Do I have to travel to your office to meet you?
No.  We’ll come to you wherever you wish, and we don’t expect you to make your case fit our schedule.

The no-fault system is complicated and hard to use. How can you help?
Your rights break down into several basic principles. We simplify issues by making them understandable and less intimidating. We’ll keep you constantly updated about your case. We also want you feel free to contact us anytime.

Do you mind if I get a second opinion?
Please do. Get a third and a fourth opinion, too, if you need to. Your decision should be based not only on your impression of the abilities of a lawyer, but on your personal chemistry with the lawyer with whom you’ll be working. The fact that we charge 22%, not 33%, as our contingent fee is an enormous added value, but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor.

What if I can’t pay right away?
There’s absolutely no cost to talk to us on the phone, or to meet with you. And if you don’t hire us, you don’t pay a cent. In fact, you won’t pay us until we obtain a settlement on your behalf. Remember, all attorneys are required to inform you that case costs spent by the attorney are a separate charge from the percentage fee; and that you are responsible for paying those costs regardless of the outcome of your case. Our contingent fee is 22%, not 33%. 1-844-TWENTY-TWO.

Let's talk:

  I have read the Disclaimer
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What does 22not33 mean, exactly?

Other law firms charge 33% of a net settlement amount. Our contingent fee is only 22%. (Remember, you are responsible to reimburse case costs spent by any attorney.) For example: A lawyer wins a $100,000 “net settlement” (deduction of costs spent by your attorney to prepare your case, taken “off the top” of your settlement total before the fee is calculated). If the attorney is charging a 33% fee, you would get about $67,000. If you were charged just 22% — which is our fee — you would receive about $78,000.