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News & Case Results

Category: Car Accidents

  • $600,000 Settlement In Tuscola County Rollover Accident

    $600,000 settlement in a rural county for a young man who injured his right arm in a one vehicle rollover accident. The settlement exhausted all available insurance coverage.

  • High School Hit-And-Run Victim Receives $245,000 Settlement

    $245,000 to a high school student who suffered a broken arm when her vehicle was struck by a hit-and-run driver.

  • Construction Worker In Kent Accident Gains $625,000 In Settlement

    $625,000 motor vehicle accident settlement for a 38 year-old construction supervisor who returned to work 3 weeks after suffering a moderate closed head injury.

  • Accident in Muskegon Results In A $325,000 Settlement

    $325,000 settlement on behalf of a 42 year-old man who suffered a shoulder injury as a result of an automobile/pickup truck crash.


  • Vacationing Motorist Receives $400,000 Settlement In Roscommon

    $400,000 for a vacationing motorist whose SUV was struck by a pickup truck that crossed the center line on an icy northern Michigan road.

  • Injured Oakland County Woman Awarded $123,500 Settlement

    $123,500 on behalf of a 73 year-old woman who suffered a shoulder injury as a result of an automobile crash.

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