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After the accident.

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Feel free to talk to several lawyers in addition to us. Compare their services, fees, and the character of the lawyer you’ll actually be working with. Then call us to discuss your accident directly with Steve Matz or Sam Pietsch. If we work together, we’ll:

1. Meet with you and your family wherever it is most convenient.

2. Make sure your medical billings and wage loss claims are started promptly and properly.

3. Identify all possible sources of compensation. You may qualify not only for Michigan no-fault benefits but for worker’s compensation, pain and suffering benefits from the insurance for the other driver, insurance covering the owner of the other vehicle, and benefits on your own coverage over and above what we can obtain from the other driver. The benefits each person qualifies for varies from case to case. This is an important part of our initial investigation.

4. Never charge you for no-fault benefits that your insurance company pays you voluntarily.

5. Stay in touch for updates about your medical treatment and recovery so that we can make the most effective settlement demands of the insurance companies.

6. Give you our cell numbers so you can contact us anytime with questions or concerns, or just to check how your claim is going.

Our fee: 22%, not 33%.

Remember, you do not have to pay the highest possible fee to have an experienced, successful auto injury law firm working on your behalf. Our fee is 22% of your net settlement amount, not 33%.

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What does 22not33 mean, exactly?

Other law firms charge 33% of a net settlement amount. Our contingent fee is only 22%. (Remember, you are responsible to reimburse case costs spent by any attorney.) For example: A lawyer wins a $100,000 “net settlement” (deduction of costs spent by your attorney to prepare your case, taken “off the top” of your settlement total before the fee is calculated). If the attorney is charging a 33% fee, you would get about $67,000. If you were charged just 22% — which is our fee — you would receive about $78,000.